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April 2016

April is Amazing!

Watch for this graphic to randomly appear on the FB team page. Complete the act and comment to be in the many free book drawings throughout the month of April.
Random Acts of Awesome

New Team Leader!!

Congratulations on your April 1st promotion to Team Leader with Usborne Books & More!

Megan Smith

Congratulations on a Qualifying Month toward Promoting to Team Leader!

Emma Hartsog
Calayna Hohenberger
Ashlee Pudenz
Alissa Pope

You Connected Your February Dot to Your March Dot! ~ Connect 3 Challenge!

Megan Smith
Karman Brinkman
Karissa Heine
Calayna Hohenberger
Erin Lenz
Betsy Goblirsch
Laura Doheny
Erin McGargill
Karena Zevely
Alison VanDyke
Sara Magnussen
Amy Benck
Stacey Ulferts
Ashlee Pudenz
Becky Jaster
Royanna Stratmoen
Nikki Daer
Melissa Miller
Angela LaFleur
Pamela Freeman
Erin Byrnes
Kyla Smith
Elizabeth McKenzie
Emma Hartsog
Bobbee Kornhoff
Kendra McDermed

Who's Earned a Spot in the President's Club?

Erin Lenz
Karman Brinkman
Ruby Johnson
Leighanne & Andrew Loges
Megan Smith

Welcome to New March Team Members!

Leslie Grady sponsored by Erin Lenz (Lenz)
Evelynn Ober sponsored by Megan Smith (Lenz)
Jessica Jantzer sponsored by Karman Brinkman (Brinkman)
Tanya Buffalo sponsored by Alison VanDyke (VanDyke)
Amy Avis sponsored by Calyana Hohenberger (Lenz)
Heather Adams sponsored by Laura Fleming (VanDyke)
Breanna Speas sponsored by Stephanie Chalupa (Lenz)
Maria Gamboa sponsored by Desiree Cristinzio (Cristinzio)
Dorothy Swimm sponsored by Emma Hartsog (McKenzie)
Cynthia Skoda sponsored by Amy Mattson (Stratmoen)
Casandra Myrvik sponsored by Jennifer Moeding (Lenz)
Lacey Heinz sponsored by Calayna Hohenberger (Lenz)
Jennifer Seiler sponsored by Emma Hartsog (McKenzie)
Jessica Gore sponsored by Alex Jackson (Jackson)
Elena Brown sponsored by Brandi Jorgenson (Jorgenson)
Michael & Julia Albert sponsored by Erin Byrns (K. Smith)
Laura Tramp sponsored by Ashlee Pudenz (Lenz)
Jennifer Martinez sponsored by Stephanie Chalupa (Lenz)
Kelly Hartin sponsored by Bobbee Kornhoff (Kornhoff)
Sarah Cordero sponsored by Brianna Sytsma (Lenz)
Samantha Hollingsworth sponsored by Stacie Muhlbauer (Lenz)
Brittany Drees sponsored by Kassidy Small (Brinkman)
Amanda Rooks sponsored by Jill Merriam (LaFleur)
Cassey VerHey sponsored by Megan Smith (Lenz)
Sarah Kasson sponsored by April Gamelin (Gamelin)
Stephanie Henneberry sponsored by Kelly Sayers (Sayers)
Kim Cusiak sponsored by Karena Zevely (Zevely)
Melissa Debaere sponsored by Jill Merriam (LaFleur)

Top Sales Leaders for March on The Brinkman Books Team

Congratulations on $1000+ in Sales & earning Home Office Challenge 1 - Five Branded Magnet Set!
Kendra McDermed $1000 (L)
Angela LaFleur $1006 (L)
Amy Mattson $1109
Kyla Smith $1009 (L)
Diana Hardt $1010
Ruby Johnson $1020 (L)
Pamela Freeman $1074
Amy Benck $1084
Becky Jaster $1130 (L)
Royanna Stratmoen $1130 (L)
Leslie Grady $1167
Monique Shimata $1196
Stacey Ulferts $1249
Alex Jackson $1256 (L)
Elizabeth Medcalf $1259
Erin Byrnes $1293
Melissa Miller $1333 (L)
Betsy Goblirsch $1349
Laura Fleming $1362
Jennifer Seiler $1366
Stephanie Chalupa $1628
Nikki Daer $1628
Stacie Muhlbaurer $1665
Jamie Thompson $1752
Laura Doheny $1908
Amy Schlimmer $1950
Sara Magnussen $1970
Bobbee Kornhoff $2018 (L)
Karena Zevely $2090 (L)
Erin Lenz $2092 (L)
Kimberly Mullen $2155
Alissa Pope $2201
Nicole Cochran $2248
Karissa Heine $2331
Elizabeth McKenzie $2364 (L)
Erin McGargill $2427 (L)
Angie Rans $2520
Calayna Hohenberger $2951

Megan Smith $2972

Keri Cisek $3037 (L)

Ashlee Pudenz $3112

Alison VanDyke $3123 (L)

Karman Brinkman $3292 (L)
Emma Hartsog $3295

(L) Leader

Who's on the UBAM Leaderboards?

Top 50 ~ Central Group Sales
#8 Erin Lenz

Top 50 ~ Central Group Recruiting
#15 ~ Erin Lenz

Congratulations on earning Home Office Challenge 2 ~ Dry Erase Magnetic White Board with Markers!

Karena Zevely
Bobbee Kornhoff
Emma Hartsog
Alison VanDyke
Erin Lenz
Calayna Hohenberger
Ashlee Pudenz
Megan Smith
Karman Brinkman

Go for the April Home Office Challenges!

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Check This Out!

Each month I will feature a training to go check out!
Leadership Levels & President's Club
You may be hearing the names of the various levels of leaders in our company or be wondering what President's Club is all about.

April Specials

Upcoming Events

National Hawk Team Meeting

Wednesday, April 6

Wednesday, May 4

(8:30-9:15pm CST) ~ Facebook Event, ask your Team Leader for an invite.

New Consultant Q & A

Wednesday, April 13
Wednesday, April 20
Wednesday, April 27

(8:30-9:15pm CST) ~ Facebook Event for new consultants, ask your team leader for an invite

Business Opportunity

Monday, April 18
Monday, May 9
(8:30-9:15pm CST) ~ Facebook Event for your potential recruits, please invite them (ask your Team Leader for an invite)

Leader Opportunity

Monday, April 11

(8:30-9:15pm CST) ~ Facebook Event for those interested in finding out information about promoting to Team Leader, as your team leader for an invite

Local Team Meetings

Ask your team leader about available local team meetings in your area.

Regional Training Meetings

Regional Training Meetings are being planned for around the Country and will be open for everyone to attend.

Rocky Mountain Regional (Denver, CO) - April 9, 2016

Central Florida Regional (Tampa, FL) – April 9, 2016

Montana Regional (Missoula, MT) - April 9, 2016

Heartland Regional (Mishawaka, IN) – August 27, 2016

UBAM National Convention

June 9-11, 2016


Karman Brinkman

Senior Executive Team Leader

Usborne Books & More

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