Captivating Cnidarians

Hannah Baskin


Close your eyes and imagine you are a large sea anemone, attached to a piece of coral in the Great Barrier Reef. Your jelly-like tentacles sway along with the movement of the ocean. Suddenly, a tasty fish swims by. You extend your tentacles and, ZAP, you sting him with your toxin-filled appendages. Sea anemones are truly fascinating cnidarians with an exciting life cycle, a marvelous way of moving, and a stunning appearance.


Can you imagine coming face to face with one of these outstanding organisms? They are actually pretty common, considering they live on both coasts of North America and along the Great Barrier Reef. If you ever did spy one of the creatures, you would know all about their life cycle, movement, and appearance.

Think Tank

Here you can test your knowledge on a quizzle, read a bit of peaceful poetry, enhance your vocabulary on a wonderful wordwall, and have fun reading a creative comic.
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Go Fish

I had so much fun designing my fish tank with the budget of $250! For the tank itself, I went with a sky blue theme. First, I bought a 20 gallon aquarium, a filter, and three filter cartridges that cost me $62.45. Next, I picked out a pastel blue gravel and pool colored gems to put on top which cost me $8.48. Then, I purchased some salt because my fish tank is a habitat to salt water fish, a blue thermometer, and some fish food which cost me $19.07. After that, it was time to decorate my aquarium. So I added a light blue bloom plant with pink flowers, a vibrant green and blue ombre plant, a light grey rock hideaway, a greek ruins temple, and a light blue reversible background which cost me $38.40. Finally, it was time to get some saltwater fish. I started of by getting a spotted grey, black, blue, and yellow Valentine Puffer, that is 1.5-2.5 inches and cost $15.19. Next, I bought a stunning, neon colored, Green Mandarin Goby that was 1.5-2.5 total inches and cost me $13.59. After that, I purchased a bright orange Carpenter's Flasher Wrasse that was 2-3 inches and cost $37.59. I also bought a hot pink Strawberry Dottyback and an electric blue Blue Damsel which were both about 2 inches and together cost me $13.82. Finally, I picked out a Lemon Peel Angel which was 2.5-4.5 inches and cost me $27.99. Together, all the fish cost me $108.13 and the added price of everything was $244.23 which was less than my $250 budget.

Sea Anemone Fighting Video

Watch this awesome anemone go into battle against a leather star! Sea anemones normally don't move much but I think we've established that this particular anemone is far from normal!
Swimming anemone


In my diorama, there is a green sea anemone, a red, orange, and yellow seahorse, an orange clown fish, an orange and pink starfish, a green turtle, a pink jellyfish, a blue dolphin, light green coral, a grey oyster, and some seaweed
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