Chemical Opposites

Science Festival

This is our class.

Acid, Neutral, and Alkaline

Acid is in the lower part of the Ph scale - less than 7 (to 0).

Neutral is in the middle of the Ph scale - 7.

Alkaline is 7 and higher (to 14).

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Testing Ph

First our host blended cabbage juice (a mix of purple cabbage and water) and gave it to each of the groups. We then used a pipette to suck up the juice and then squirt it in the cup with the sample liquid. This changed the colour of the liquid showing the Ph.

Our Opinion

The work shop was a fun yet educational experience. It helped extend our knowledge of chemical opposites. The hands on experiments kept us engaged so we continued listening and learning. It was a valuable use of our time and we definitely recommend it for childern 10 and over who want to learn about chemistry.

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