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December 2014

Research Tip #1 - Help! I need a reliable website.

Need to find a website for a research project? Here are two resources to try.

1. Sweet Search. It's my favorite search tool for school related projects. It works like Google, except it generates fewer results and all of the websites have been checked by research experts.

2. Britannica Online. Britannica also recommends websites. Here's how to find them: Locate an article related to your topic, then click on the Related tab. On the left hand side will be a link to Web's Best Sites. Sites listed in this section have been recommended by Britannica editors. Give them a try.

Teachers recommend...

6th Grade Library Class

We've begun a study of Plagiarism. Students have written their own definition of plagiarism after engaging in class discussion and answering multiple choice questions about different aspects of what it means to plagiarize. We will work to combat plagiarism by perfecting our paraphrasing skills and using EasyBib to create bibliographies.