Stop Bullying

Bullies: The People Who Ruin Your Day

What makes your day fun? Hanging out with your friends, going to sports practice, being on your mobile device? Some people don't have fun because they get bullied. They may even get bullied because they don't do the actions above. Of course, being bullied is most likely not fun. It certainly is not fun to watch.

Think of when you get in trouble. Do you get a shiver down your spine, or goosebumps on your skin? Do you ever feel like you weren't meant to get in trouble? Well, bully victims experience this sometimes. How would you like it if you got that feeling every day? It wouldn't feel too great.

Imagine this, you're a normal kid walking down the hallway with a friend. You see a kid you don't like and stare and whisper to your friend. You may whisper to try to keep it secret, but you should keep it a secret with yourself. You don't realize what you've done until you see the person staring back at you; wondering why they are disliked. Would you like to not have fun, and think that you are disliked? What you just did not only effected the other person, it effected you.

Just remember, when you're on your mobile device capturing those moments at practice and posting them, remember, there's always a person being left out. You don't want to get shivers down your spine, or goosebumps on your skin, so don't make that happen to another person. Know to keep your mean comments secret, and let your compliments fly out.