Erica's Marble Cake

By Erica Hess 8MB

Marble Cake- aroma, appearance, texture and taste

The Marble Cake my partner Clem and I made was warm and a combination of moist and dry, freshly baked from the oven. The appearance had an ombré effect, from a golden yellow to a very pale brown. The chocolate garnish was a creative, delicious topping and added more dimension to the normally flat cake. The cake was sweet and soft, maybe a bit undercooked. The chocolate aroma was strong and appealing.

Clem and I managed our time very well. While she grabbed the ingredients, I learnt how to line a cake pan. We took turns stirring the ingredients, and we finished still with 15 minutes left of the lesson. I think we worked very well.


Overall, I was very happy with the marble cake, I was surprised with how easy it was to make! There were several things about the cake that could be improved, such as an undercooked texture, and the overdose of chocolate pieces, but I also learnt how to properly line a tray, and mix the mixture to create a swirly effect. I am happy with what I learnt and look forward to making it again in the near future.
Big image
The marble cake before being baked.
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The finished product