Romeo and Juliet

Jesse Appiah

Act 3 Scene 5



Soon after Romeo "comforts" Juliet, he must leave because he was banish and if caught he will die. Juliet starts crying and her mother comes in saying she will poison Romeo, thinking Juliet is sad about Tybalt's death. Also Juliet's father has planned for Juliet to get married to Paris. Juliet goes in shock and starts begging her parents not to marry her to Paris. Lord Capulet is furious at her and say if you don't marry Paris you can go and die for all I care, just don't ever look or talk to me again.
Imagine Dragons - Bleeding Out {Lyrics}

Song Explanation

I chose Bleeding out by Imagine Dragons to represent Act 3.5 because of some the lyrics show how Juliet feels about marrying Paris. The first few words can be interpreted as how Juliet is sadden by Romeo leaving that day and also hearing how she is going to marry Paris. When "Oh you tell me to hold on" this can be seen as when Lord Capulet tells Juliet she should be happy for what he did."and what was right is wrong", this line can be looked at from a Juliet's point of view. Juliet's parents believe they are doing right by marrying her to Paris, but Juliet knows they are doing wrong because she is married Romeo and have already had sex "But innocence is gone".