Nurse Notes

Health Services- May 2016

1. AED Monthly Inspections

Remember, it is IMPORTANT that you submit your monthly AED reports at the beginning of each month! This is not to be confused with your daily check-off. Please use link below to submit your monthly AED inspections no later than the first week of the month:


2. Birthdays


Darlene Davis- 5/10

Chelsea Bryan- 5/17

Stacy Simpson- 5/18

Deborah Drake- 5/28


Lana Wethington-Nagy 6/1

Ashley Hepler- 6/9

Tiffinie Rupert- 6/10

Kathy Jordan- 6/13


Lee Ann Glass 7/8

Diane Newcomb 7/8

Lisa Mullane 7/9


3. Brag Box

"Nurses are Angels" -Adele (DB's Granddaughter)

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Anne Sheaves

Although Anne will be missed, we wish her the best in this new chapter of her life!!!! Congratulations, Anne, on your retirement, you will be missed!


4. Closing Your Clinic

IMPORTANT: On the last day of school, after closing your clinic, you will be required to bring your clinic keys, red summer school folder, and thumb drive that has been provided to you with all requested information on it turned in to Health Services at Merts room 109 by 4:30pm on Thursday, May 26th. If you will require an extra day, please let DB know to arrange a time to drop off on May 27th.

Laptops: Nurse HP/Dell laptops should be turned into your IT person on the last day of school. My understanding is you can put a label with your name on it. Remember, before you turn it in….use your thumb-drive to down load all your data because this will all be lost when they reimage. You will get the thumb drives back at the start of next school year.

Please click on below SharePoint link to view additional information regarding closing your clinic. Should you have any questions, let your monitor nurse know.{181E1964-5426-4439-B502-87E8AA3EC651}

Thank you for all your awesome help this school year. Deborah


5. Non-Compliant/Expired Immunization Letters

By this time, everyone should have already sent home non-compliant/expired immunization letters and taken out your non-compliant Tdap 5th grade expiration dates. If you have not already done so, please let your monitor nurse know ASAP!
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7. Note From Jennifer Jeffers with JDRF:

First and foremost, JDRF wishes to extend a special thank-you to you for making a difference in the lives of students who have type 1 diabetes (T1D). We appreciate the efforts you make to help our children with their T1D and most importantly, we want to thank you for all of the students you serve each day. Without your services, injuries, colds and emergency situations would not be tended to by a medical professional and for that, we are very grateful.

If there is anything JDRF can do to help with the care of our T1D children, please do hesitate to call me directly, 256.794.1970 or send a note via email. We do have the Udated School Toolkit that is a very vital part of a child’s initial diagnosis and their entry back into the school. Also, Nurses have found it to be a wonderful and very useful book of information. If you would like me to mail a copy to you, please let me know before the school year ends. As a medical professional, you have a more in-depth understanding than most about how serious T1D is and the complications children face while dealing with this deadly disease and hopefully, the School Toolkit can better help you layout a thorough plan when transitioning a new diabetic.

As the end of the year approaches, we hope you will consider supporting JDRF’s Kids Walk at your school next year. The program is really about educating your students, during their formative years, about both type 1 and type 2, signs & symptoms, life as a diabetic, the importance of making healthy decisions and finally, helping their fellow T1D students by giving back and being a part of the journey of turning Type One into Type NONE! Our program is run completely by JDRF staff and requires little to no work for the schools and as an added “thank you”, we give back 10% of what is raised to the school to be earmarked for nursing supplies, PE equipment or whatever school program might need a little extra financial support. If you would like more information, please let us know.

Again, thank you for all you do and we truly appreciate the special care you give every day while our children are at school.


Jenni Jeffers | Development Coordinator

For North Alabama

256.794.1970 - Cell

205.421.9957 - Office


JDRF Annual Sneaker Campaign and We NEED YOUR HELP!!!!

Hello Friends and Family! We need help with our upcoming efforts to support The Fresh Market’s Annual Sneaker Campaign which kicks off tomorrow. Each year, the Fresh Market raises thousands of dollars for our North Alabama office, in fact, our Huntsville store just so happens to have been the highest producing store in the entire company for the last 2 years and I do not want this year to be any different! Over the next 3 weekends (May 21 & 22, May 28 & 29 and June 4 & 5), they will be hosting side walk sales in order to help drive donations and we need our JDRF Volunteers to assist by stepping in to help throughout any of these weekends – especially the last weekend, June 4 & 5 – this is when they will have the biggest and grand finale side walk sale! We need our t1 d community to help by giving out information regarding JDRF, giving info to the patrons on what T1D is and the differences between T1D and T2D, helping cook the hamburgers, serving ice cream, help with the temporary tattoos and the best job of all - getting our Type 1 kids to bag groceries, which will ultimately draw more attention and raise more awareness than anything else ( any child bagging groceries, I will have a special JDRF tshirt for you)! Kids are welcome to help with the Side Walk Sale too and any child 16 or older does NOT have to be accompanied by an adult! Please take just 1 ½ hours out of one of these three weekends to help! Additionally, for any students looking for community service hours, this is a great opportunity to get those hours wiped out and have some fun too! Please sign up today and help us show the Fresh Market the same love they have shown over the last several years! We always have so much fun! Please go to

and sign up today!!


As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at 256.794.1970 or email at


Best Wishes for a GREAT SUMMER and I hope I see you at the FRESH MARKET!

Jenni Jeffers


8. Nurses' First Day Back, Monday, Aug. 1st

Nurses, your first day back will be Monday, August 1st. This will be an in-service day (see below for event). Tuesday will be a work day in your clinics. Students return to class on Wednesday, Aug. 3rd.


9. Nursing In-Service

Monday, Aug. 1st, 8am

200 White Street Southeast

Huntsville, AL

Who: ALL Nurses (Full-time and PRN). PRN nurses, please email DB if you will be attending.

What: Nursing first of the year in-service

When: Monday, Aug. 1st, 2016 8:00am-3:30pm

Where: Merts- Community Room


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10. Prayer Request/Praise

Deborah Drake would like to give God the glory regarding her daughter-in-law's great news that she received after surgery and would like to thank all of her school nurse prayer partners!

Trisha Sadler- Please continue to pray for Trisha's son's friend who is still in the ICU following a car accident a few weeks ago. Please lift up this sweet boy in your prayers!!! We are praying for complete healing!

Please remember the families Alexa Hanning, Ben Johnson, and 3 yr old Hayden who were tragically killed on I-565 on May 19th. There is a Go-Fund-Me account set up for donations for Alexa and Hayden and also for Ben to help with funeral expensive.

Prayer for Nurses

As I care for my students today

Be there with me, Oh Lord, I pray.

Make my words kind - it means so much.

And in my hands place your healing touch.

Let your love shine through all that I do,

So those in need may hear and feel You.

So blessed..



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11. Type 1 Diabetes in Schools Workshop July 20th

Type 1 Diabetes in Schools Workshop (FREE)

Wednesday, July 20th, 12-4pm

107 Governors Drive Southwest

Huntsville, AL

What: Type 1 Diabetes in Schools Workshop

When: July 20th, 2016 12pm-4pm

Where: Dowdle Center 107 Govenors Dr. Huntsville, AL

Why: Free CE's and Lunch

How: Email


12. Rotary Club Vouchers

Please make sure to follow-up with any un-used vouchers and let Mike Measles know at (see email sent on 5.23.16 for current list). Thank you!

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13. New Out of County/Overnight Medication Procedure

We have a new Out of County/Overnight Medication Procedure. This is to help you as the nurse when preparing for these trips. This will also help simplify things for the medication assistant. Please see SharePoint link below for our new procedure. Everyone will now implement this procedure....{181E1964-5426-4439-B502-87E8AA3EC651}


14. Welcome!

Please welcome our newest full-time member to Health Services, Wendy Jones, RN. We're happy you joined our team!
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Enjoy your time with your family and Friends!

15. And don't forget to wear your sunscreen!!!

Great WebMD article on choosing the right sunscreen:

And how to buy the best and SAFEST sunscreen for your body and the environment: