6th Grade Memories

By Landon Parsley

Our class

Our class is very fun,challenging and smart. We push each other to help them do there best. Like most class we also fight.


One memory I have with my class is when we were playing kickball. We were doing boys vs. girls but then the boys were schooling the girls. The girls started to yell at us and saying that the teams were not fare even though they agreed to do it. In the end we finally worked it out.

Great and Fun student websites

For another great student website click on the link http://tennasynnsebek.weebly.com


I remember in Physical Education class we were doing basketball skills and we were doing the spider drill. At first it was hard but at recess I kept practicing and I can now finally do it. If you would like to learn how to do the drill then watch the video below. The video is good and fun.