World war 2

The most deadly war

Maybe the last war?

World war 2 lasted 6 years and half the world were turned to rubble. 17 million people died in the war mostly Jews and Germany. USA made 650,000 jeep in war and mostly women made the plane and cars when the men were at war. One famous person was Rosie the riveter. She was famous for making a lot of planes and cars.

Fun facts

"France had more guns,tanks,men than Germany."

"Allied ships lost one per cent of ships in the war." World war

"Japan had rocket propelled jets and the were packed full of bombs."

"President Roosevelt used Al Capone bullet proof car." Fun fact of World War

"Over 3.5 million pounds of bombs were dropped by the USA."

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The most used car in World War Two.

"The jeep was the most used card in the war because it was four wheel drive and the big suspension helped it get up hills and in the desert." Cars of World War Two.
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What started the World War Two?

"What started the war was the nazis went in to Poland on September 1939 and that made conflict to start the war."
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What is the best gun for World War Two.

"The best gun was the m14 because of it's high rate of fire and sight." Gear of World War Two.
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What ended the war

"It ended in 1945 and lasted 6 years when the axis powers surrendered. The axis power was Japan,Germany and they were powerful so that made the war last long." Facts of World War Two.