Lionel Messi

a biography by:Galeger Lozano

Basic Information

Luis Lionel Andres Messi was born Rosario, Argentina,1987 become one of

the greatest sports man on earth. After the greatest soccer players like

maradona and the king pele.

Early childhood

Luis Lionel Andres Messi begin playing soccer on the age of 8 years old

after being on a youth team of Newell"s call old boys(team of Argentina)

he got sick from having hormone deficiency witch make his size shorter.

at the age of 13 years old FC Barcelona(team of Spain) accept a contract on a piece of napkin and went to Spain. The team paid his medical bills for him to play.


Messi debut on Fc Barcelona on the age of 16 years old.

he made his first goal too,making him the youngest

person to score on the league Spain division.later he later become

the highest paid soccer player.later he won six league championships,

two cups of the king(two cups of the king),four FIFA golden globe,etc....he later

became the best soccer player on earth.he does have an impact on society he he support

a foundation UNICEF to help people that happened the same to him.and established his own foundation LEO MESSI.


events that shaped his life

Leo or Messi got surprised of getting a baby boy his name is Thiago Messi. The way he

become lucky is because an team that was very popular they contracted him.He is very

patient because there is another soccer player call Cristiano Ronaldo and they get along

together even if they are the best soccer players on earth.

Why i choose this person

the reason I choose this person is because i admire him not because i like soccer too,

but he helped those kids indeed.the special thing about him is that he is not like all

soccer players he is unique even if he had hard times he still try and he made his wish

come true. I someday will become like him and be like him.

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