newsletter WU 3rd issue


1. Intro

2. Past&upcoming events

3. The Battle of Agincourt

4. Creative Section

5. Riddle (incl. solution to last issue's riddle)

6. Conclusion (sort of)

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Dear AIESECers,

Welcome to the third edition of YO! AIESEC. An early Christmas present to you from the Performance Team. You may have guessed it since our last newsletter, but since Christmas is around the corner, expect a lot of Christmas-related content this time as well. However, do not think that you already know what is coming to you. Why? Because we take great care in holding you(r mind) captive and not release you until the very end. In fact, even we do not know exactly what is going to be put in it every time so we get surprised as well. Wait. So that means we also take ourselves hostage?


Best regards from your Performance Team.

Short Notice: Due to complaints about brain injuries as a result of last time’s newsletter, we have reduced the amount of mind-blow-ness and brain overload in this edition. Instead we turned up the level of interestingness (yes it’s a real word), added some snow to it and finally asked a bearded old man clad in red to give it some special touches here and there.



Well you already got a lot of info regarding ALPS, even if you weren’t there. We are using this opportunity however to thank again to the OC and the FACI’s for the eye-opening self-awareness related sessions, for the really crazy parties and the truly warm atmosphere (“International Love/”Exchange” included)!

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The one-day career event is now behind us. Aftermath? 123 students have applied for participation and 60 were accepted. The event consisted of a podium discussion, three case studies and a closing networking lounge. In terms of companies, Pwc, EY and MCP were there to host the case studies. We could certainly name it a success both in terms of organization and provided output. Congrats!


The “Creative Thinking Skills” took place this Monday at WU and was hosted by Tony Chung. Of course, his experience in the matter of workshops was really visible. The ones who participated got useful guidelines for “ out of the box” thinking and could practice through games some techniques. Thanks to the TAM-Team and Toni for making this possible. Outstanding work guys!

For the ones who missed, here are the 3 main teached techniques (google for more details) and some really handy resources (You´re welcome!):

1. Random Words Technique/ Visual Safari

2. Reverse Assumption

3. Slash the Box

- Google Edward De Bono

- Michael Michalko (Thinkertoys)


- Stanford/Udemi Creativity Classes

- www.atizo.com

- www.bountyhunter.com


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Enough with the past, it’s time for us to talk about the future (at least on the short term).

We got some serious changes going on in the LC. A new president is going to be elected this Friday for the term 15/16. Thank you Theresa for the amount of energy, time and neurons invested in our interest. You´re awesome!

For the new term two impressive and highly capable ladies (Sara Aiello and Sarah-Nicole Russ) decided to apply for this position. Make sure to appreciate their efforts by reading their applications on Podio and attending the elections on TIME on Friday (16:00 at Club Lounge). We wish both of them good luck and may the inspiration be with you!


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Christmas Party

Friday, Dec. 19th, 9pm


Last but not least, there is the Christmas Party. Because we know that it was a really exhausting period of time, we and especially TAM-Team did and will do our best to give you the craziest party possible. Besides the traditional Christmas elements there is a kinky surprise waiting for you all. ;)

Just come in the Office after the Elections (21:00) and don’t forget the present for “Secret Santa” (in case of lacking ideas, just go to T€DI)! The lovely 5-EB girls and Apfelstrudeloma are waiting for you!


Remember how we said this newsletter is gonna have a lot to do with Christmas and stuff? We lied.

You probably don’t care much for history but if you do (or if you played Age of Empires II) you might have heard of the battle Agincourt. Here the English under King Henry the V won a decisive victory against the French although they were outnumbered 6 to 1 (and no, Chuck Norris wasn’t involved).

Before we start talking about the actual battle I’m going to have to introduce you to the whole shabang going on at the time.

France 1415. The high days of the 100 Year War. The French and the English have been going at it for 78 years. France is ruled by a (literally) mad king and the English see this as an opportunity to expand their domain, so they thought “Why not?” and began making plans for a new invasion.

After a not-so-stellar victory at Harfleur, Henry, who was left with dwindling numbers due to disease, decided to move on to the French stronghold of Calais to show that he is a capable king and that the right to the French throne was his. What followed isn’t all that interesting, all you need to know for now is that the French decided to troll the English and block their path towards Calais.

Since the English meant business they were like and decided to make camp there and instead of going around the blockade, go straight through.

Out of fear of a surprise attack by the French during the night the king threatened to cut the ears off of anyone who would make any noise so as to not give away their position.

On the day of the battle Henry positioned his force of little under 10,000 men with the longbowmen covering the flank of the thin line of men-at-arms covering the center. The confident French laid out their force of 30-50,000 in 3 lines (or battles).

Since the French were like “I got this bro” they didn’t let their archers and crossbowmen fire at the enemy thus robbing themselves of a possible victory. Instead they chose the “For death and glory!” approach, a simple attack consisting of succeeding charges.

Probably the most important factor that played a role in the battle were not the strategies used, the stupidity of the French, or the luck of the English, but the weather and the terrain.

While the French were deciding between escargots or baguettes the English were busy making plans on how to rob the French of every advantage they had over them. Choosing a muddy field that had been recently plowed ensuring that wearing heavy armor during the battle would be madness, placing stakes in the ground as to stop the French knights in their tracks and placing croissants at the tips of their spears so as to distract them from the battle (true story, look it up).

The battle began with the English shooting down the French (many arrows were taken to the knee that day) who were rushing through the narrow corridor made by the forests of Tramencourt and Agincourt hoping to capture an English noble and hold him for ransom (because that’s how you git’r done). Eventually after the English ran out of arrows and the French finally focused on the battle instead of the croissants the bro-down began. The lucky few who managed to run the length of the field in 30 kg armor through the hellstorm of arrows had the pleasure of either being bashed in the face with a hammer coming from the lightly armored and more agile English bowman, or being pushed to the ground by some other desperate Frenchman from behind (basically what we experience when trying to get on or off a metro, tram or bus in this lovely little land during rush hour, of course minus the warhammer in the face thing). Since the field was muddy a few lucky Frenchmen had the incredible luck of drowning in mud (since it was hard trying to get up while wearing 30 kg of armor and at the same time having a few compatriots running over their bodies). Needless to say it was an absolute slaughter.

The key to the English victory at Agincourt was that they took advantage of the terrain and instead of relying on the standard approach of “I’MMA BASH YOUR SKULL WITH THIS HERE SWORD HURR DURR” they instead relied on lightly armored, fast moving infantry who were able to waltz into battle and quickly dispatch the slow and heavily armored French.

In the end the English had a loss of “at least 112 men” while the French recorded a loss of 10-15,000 men. The many prisoners taken by the English were put to the sword since they were feared to take up arms in case of a renewed attack by the French. The move was indeed a ruthless one, but also a tactful one, as the king didn’t want to put his army in further danger for the sake of a few ransoms.

Well this is all I have to say. If this article sucked then I am sorry and I ask that you take these samurai Christmas potatoes as payment for trudging through this senseless rambling of mine.

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Anna Koshkina's blurred winter dreams.

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Valentina Janezek's Swedish winter Wonderland - into the blue.


Welcome back to the riddle section! I hope you have solved the riddle of the previous newsletter? If you did, congratulations! If not, the answer is further below. BUT, before you look at it, try to solve it once more. It really isn’t that difficult. However, the next one is a bit different. I hope you have paid attention during school lessons. Because if you didn’t your brain is going to steam.

Before we come to the new riddle, here is the solution for the last one.

Answer: Time

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Now, onto the new challenge!

Title: A father’s Christmas

Estimated difficulty: 7/10

A father wants to give his six children, 3 girls and 3 boys, a present for Christmas. Their names are from oldest to youngest: Rebecca, Marcus, Yvonne, Paul, Stella and Ludwig. He knows that his children would be overjoyed if each of their presents would be in their favourite colour. However, there is one problem: He does not know their favourite colours! Thus he hastily goes to his wife and asks about what colour they prefer. His wife, who is a biologist and likes to tease him, says this: “Darling, you are always so forgetful. I will only give you a few hints, but you have to figure the rest out for yourselves.” The hints she gave him are as follows:

· Each child likes a different colour.

· Rebecca likes red, Yvonne likes yellow and Ludwig likes purple.

· Girls are XX and boys are XY.

The father now knows 3 colours, but he still does not know what the favourite colours of Marcus, Paul and Stella are. Can you figure out the solution and help the confused father to give his children a present and have a Merry Christmas?

CONCLUSION (sort of)

Oh, welcome to the end of the newsletter. What did you say? You’ve come here for your promotion? Sorry, I don’t have such a thing. “AIESEC Newsletter Reader”? What’s that? Something to eat? Really, youngsters these days. Can’t a bearded old man have his peace for a moment? I mean, those chimneys are trouble enough. They are far too small. They should have taken my waist into consideration. Some houses don’t even have them. How should I enter the house then? Or are they fine if I just toss the presents through the windows? Or maybe I should just have it delivered through mail… But then all of my reindeers would not get the exercise they need. *Sigh*

Ah sorry. I have gone on long enough, haven’t I? Anyway, I don’t have the thing you want. That “promoshen” thing. Right now I only have some coal. You can have some of that if you want. Ask the other guy who was here if you want to know more about that “promoshen” thing. Oh, wait please my cell phone is calling… Mhm… What? Oh, okay… Not “promoshen” but “promotion”? Hmm... Yes that’s okay.

Sorry, where was I? Oh! I know what you want. You want this here right? Ehem. I hereby promote you to “AIESEC Newsletter Reader Rank 2”. Happy now? Then that’s good. I will be going then. I am a very busy man. And my old bones don’t make this easier. Stay good, whippersnapper. Merry Christmas to you.

YouTube Challenge - I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present