Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key

Jack Gantos

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Setting: At school and his house

Main Character: Joey, is a trouble maker he gets suspended from schools. He doesn't listen to others. He bothers other people a lot

Other Characters: Mother, Grandmother, Teachers

Which characters did you like/dislike?: At first i don't like how Joey is because I thought he was a trouble maker and just didn't like to listen. I dislike the grandmother she treated Joey really bad.

Beginning of the story: His grandmother would take care of Joey because his dad ran away from Joey and his mother ran after him. He would have problems at school and with the other people and not listen to what people would ask him to do. One day his mom came back. And his grandmother ran away because she did not like her daughter. The mother took Joey to the doctor and the doctor gave him some pills for him to be calm and listen. But the pills would only work for half the day after lunch he was out of control. One day he decided to swallow his key and that day they knew he needed extra help and they took him to a special class.

Middle of the story: One day he was making bumper stickers for him and his mom for a project his safety scissors were too small for the paper so he got Mrs. Maxy's scissors he was running when maria jumped in front of him when he tripped over his shoe. He fell down and after he got up everyone said he had cut off her nose tip. After he had to go to a special school where they would help him out more.

End of the story: He went to the special school from there they sent him to a hospital for him to get brain exams. He got the results a week later and his brain has okay there wasn't nothing bad with his brain. Joey got some different medicine they hoped it would work and it did work he knew how to control himself and be nice. He was able to go to a regular school.

Problem? He didn't know how to control himself he got some medications that fixed his problem

What did I learn from the story? I learned that some people aren't bad people they just have problems that they cant control.

Theme: Always treat people as you wanna be treated

Did I like the story: Yes I did I learned a lot of things that I didn't know that people could have.

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