Role of Women

Created By: Ariana, Kennedy & Sarah C.

Role of Women in India

Background Information

The role of women in India now and long ago differ greatly. Long ago, women were confined to no freedom, long robes and face masks, no jobs available, and their husbands were chosen for them. They were known as the "house keepers," and were thought to be made only for cleaning the house, cooking the meals, tending to children, and taking care of the husband's every need. They were almost like children, and the familiar phrase “been seen but not heard” applied to them.


If they decided to, now, for example, women are allowed to vote, get jobs, apply to colleges, marry who they want, and have almost as much freedom as men. They now contribute 56% of the political characters in India. The enrollment number of women in universities has also increased as the strict laws that binded women from dreams were forgotten. And with the opinion of women, more thoughtful laws and problems can be addressed because studies show that women are more sincere and motherly than men. To celebrate womens triumphs and tributes, we made 1995 the International Year of Women.

How women contribute to society with men

A man and a woman are a team. They both have personal uses for each other and some things just wouldn't work without one having the other. Because of this, no country or society should make the decision to ignore one the role of women if they want to upgrade and have good progress in their society.
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