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This site is meant to be a one-stop shop for social/emotional resources and community support services for DMHS students and families. You will find information, websites, videos, and other tools that cover a variety of mental health topics. On this site, you can also find information about community resources for housing, clothing, food, transportation and social events.

ASSET - Our Social Emotional Learning Curriculum at DMHS

This year may be interesting and challenging for a lot of reasons, and one thing that is very important to us is supporting all of our DMHS students in managing their stress. This year, we are implementing weekly social emotional learning lessons during advisement using a curriculum called ASSET. This program is designed to teach students stress-reduction techniques and improve emotional well-being through 3 modules: mindfulness, positive psychology, and positive self-talk. We encourage you to take a look at the free "At-Home Toolkit" to get a taste of what some of these tools look like!

Here are some video resources that will support your student in further developing the skills they have already learned about and practiced:

The Brain Science of Stress:

Learning Brain vs. Survival Brain (5mins)

Dr. Daniel Siegel - The “Hand Model” of the Brain (2mins)

Deep Breathing Technique:

Triangle Breathing (1min)

Breathe in Breathe Out Bubble (2 mins)

Guided breathing video (3 mins)

Mindful Body Scans:

Calm App - Guided Body Scan (3mins)

Mindful Body Scan (5mins)

Body Scan from Stop, Breathe, Think (8mins)

FREE Meals for all kids during the week!

DPS received a waiver from the USDA this week to allow us to once again provide free breakfast and lunch meals to all kids 18 years and younger through Dec. 31. Families can pick up breakfast and lunch meals Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. at curbside pickup sites throughout DPS. We’re also providing weekday meal delivery service to schools and community locations across the city. Yellow school buses will stop at each delivery site for 20 minutes to hand out breakfast and lunch meals.

Students do not need to be present for adults to pick up their meals, and families can visit any school site regardless of which school they attend. Breakfast and lunch meals for adults are also available for purchase at a small cost.

All families are encouraged to complete an application for meal benefits here. Please visit our Food Distribution site for the most up-to-date information.

DPS Resources

COVID -19 Resources

Mental Health Crisis Supports

*Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    • 303-315-7270

  • Second Wind Fund
    • An organization that pays for up to 12 FREE therapy sessions for students experiencing suicidal ideation. Please contact Lauren, the school psychologist, if you think your child may qualify for this service.

Lauren Lyon, Ed.S., NCSP

School Psychologist

Denver Montessori Junior/Senior HS


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