Mr. Judge's 2nd Grade Telegraph!!

12/8/14...Vol. 12

Season's Greetings!

My apologizes with the one day delay! I had a silly cooking accident and was unable to type due to icing my hand for Sunday night. I hope everyone is well and enjoying the holiday season (thus far)!!
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What's Happening This Week!

2nd Grade is truckin' along with another exciting week of learning!! For Science/Social Studies the class will be studying Citizenship - Identifying rights and responsibilities. For math, the class will work with inches, feet, yards - estimating, measuring and comparing measurements.For spelling/phonics, Unit 12: long, very, little, after, words Phonics: review vowel r, short vowel sounds, suffixes. For writing, we will continue learning about different forms of poetry; haiku, acrostic, couplet.

For more info on our curriculum, or for more practice at home, please visit the 2nd Grade website, attached below!

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We will begin 18 week assessments this Monday, December 8th. Please make sure your child has a healthy breakfast and plenty of rest to help them do their very best!

Our school-wide pajama drive ends this Friday. New pajamas are welcomed until December 11th!

Holiday Parties are planned and just around the corner. Be sure to check e-mails or notes from me or Amanda, our room rep!

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Interested in Helping Our Classroom?

We LOVE having volunteers!!

If you would like to come in and help the class please contact Amanda May at,

We'd love to have you in!!

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See What We're Up To!!!

Please follow us on Twitter @scottjudge07 and #ReaganRays

Also, don't forget to visit the 2nd Grade website!

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Do You Have A Wreath?!

As the class is getting into FULL holiday Cheer, we put up some holiday lights today!! It would be great to have a wreath to put on our door. If you have one, we'd love to borrow until next Friday!!!
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Have A Great Week!!!

I am VERY grateful for everyone's help and support! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail, or call the school (512) 570-7200.

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Thank you, SCOTT :~)