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Central Question: To What Extent Can Prejudice Be Overcome?

Society, prejudice, and discrimination need to be dealt with and stopped. I personally think it can be overcome in Canada, however, in other parts of the world, I believe it can be very difficult, or virtually impossible for it to be overcome in places like India, Africa, and Afghanistan, where my book; Shabanu takes place. Women are discriminated all over the world, but more so in these third world countries, or where religion comes before personal feelings. In Afghanistan women are discriminated against every single day. They are married off at as young as 11 years of age and are having multiple children by the time they reach 15 years old. The man they end up marrying can be up to 30 years older than the female. Once they marry, they move in with the man and see their family rarely. Women must pay a dowry to their husband to pay off the wedding. Women also have to wear head dresses that cover there whole face, not to distract other men once they have been "given" to the man. I think the whole idea of prejudice is ridiculous, especially with young girls like Shabanu. A women shouldn't have to be married off to someone they have never met, just because their parents made a deal with the man. I find the discrimination against women in Afghanistan is almost a business for the parents; trade their daughter for something in return. This doesn't only happen in third world countries, this is going on in Canada right at this very moment. Makes me feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it.


"But I am frightened too. Next year I will be betrothed to Murad, which is Hamirs brother....The Next year we will go to Mehrabpur for Phulans wedding." -Shabanu, Suzanne Fisher Staples, Page 6.

I chose this quote because Phulan and Shabanu have been promised to two brothers. These little girls at age 11 and 13 are getting married and you can tell that they aren't very happy about it. They are scared as what is going to happen to them, women shouldn't have to be frightened to marry someone, they should be able to marry the man they love. But in Afghanistan, where Shabanu takes place, this is normal, I believe that it shouldn't be.

"There has been no more crying under the quilt. As Muslim girls we are brought up knowing our childhood homes are temporary. Our real homes are the ones we go to when we marry." -Shabanu, Suzanne Fisher Staples, Page 21

Shabanu is to be married at age 11, along with her sister Phulan. It makes me sick to my stomach that two young girls have given up on their emotions because they know that they won't be with their families for very much longer. Girls should be able to grow up with their siblings and parents by their side, unfortunately thats not how it is in these countries. You can clearly tell in this novel that both Shabanu and Phulan are unwillingly doing what their parents want, but because they have been brought up the way they have, they don't know any different.

"A young lady should never go with her head uncovered. You're too old to be acting like a boy. I yank it away and she presses her lips together in a thin line." -Shabanu, Suzanne Fisher Staples, Page 33

Women in Afghanistan must wear full body and head dresses, not to distract other men once they have already been promised off. Personally, I oddest believe that is right. Girls should be able to express themselves through clothing, if they can in no other way. I know that everything they do is because of their religion, but I really don't think that an 11 year old should have to be worried about distracting anyone, she should be playing in the sand at the beach, or hanging out with friends, not worrying if she is going to bring another man on.



"Respect" by Aretha Franklin (1967)

"Respect" is about giving women as much respect as men get. Which I don't think happens in these countries like Afghanistan, or even in Canada. Women have to be strong and stand up for our rights. in Afghanistan, I know it could be especially difficult but women should be treated as equals to men wherever we are.


"Women Rights" by Stephanie Dupervil

"Women Rights" is about how women have spent their entire lives kneeling down for the men, cooking them every meal, just hoping for some sort of acceptance. Women should be able to go out and be a construction worker with out being criticized. But they can't, which makes me sick, that us girls have to fight extra hard just to be accepted into society. It might not be so bad in Canada, but believe me, it gets worse when you reach the 3rd world countries.


Susan. B. Anthony

Susan was an average woman, however, she was devoted to women's rights. This happened because she was not allowed to speak at a conference all because she was a woman. I don't think that should ever happen, today, society isn't as bad as that anymore, but can still be pretty discriminating. This is why Susan B Anthony's story inspired me, all she wanted was for women to be treated equally to men. She has done a lot for us girls in the long run, but you still see woman today being discriminated against.

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In some countries women don't have a voice against men. They are forced to obey everything they say, without complaint. I see how easy I have it compared to other countries. It makes me think twice about complaining because these women in other countries can't even control what their next movement is going to be.