Willemstand times

By: Haley Evans

The return of Phillip

A little blind boy named Phillip just returned to Curacao on August 1942. He tells a story that will blow your minds. But he wasn't alone. Timothy was there up untill he died after a very bad storm. They lived on that cay for about 4 months.

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The Crazy Q's!!!!!!

We have 10 Q to ask Phillip

WT How long did you live on your cay?

Phillip . 4 mouths. May to August, yep 4 months

WT. How long were you alone on the island?

Phillip. About 3-4 weeks, I think.

WT.Went did you lose your sight?

Phillip. The first week or so.

WT. What happened before you got on your Cay?

Phillip. My ship that I was on got topedoed. Then I tried to get on the boat, but I hit my head, and that's how I lost my sight.

WT. How did you get ready for the storm?

Phillip: We got everything that we knew we needed up in a very hight tree. Somethings we couldn't save from the storm.

WT. How did you get on the cay with Timothy?

Phillip: We were on a little boat when we found the cay, Timothy got us closer to the shore and he pulled us on the damp sand.

WT . What was some of the bigger things that happened on your small cay?

Phillip: Well, There were only 2 big things that happened. 1 being that the storm was coming.

WT . Yes, we know that one. What about your old friend, Timothy

Phillip: . I0.s when timothy died, it was a every sad day on my cay. If I ever go back I will know that was my cay.

WT How did you eat without timothy? You know you were blind, you can't really see.

Phillip.Well, I didn't eat alot. But when I did. I eat every little, not much

WT When you became blind, were you on the cay?

Phillip. No, I was on a boat, I do not know what the cay looks like.

WT . Were you happy to be back?

Phillip: Yes, I was. I really didnt think I ould ever back. But I do want to go see what my cay looked like.

WT: Thank you for reading The crazy Q's

Phillip: Good day


Right now

Precipitation 100%

Humidity 13%

Wind 26 mph

Todays weather is rainy, but tomorrow will be sunny with a high of 88. This week will be good for taken your boats out for a bit.

Death of Timothy

He lived for 78 years Before he died, he helped our ships to get on the water. When he was little, he lived with Hannah Gumbs. Timothy was pure African. He knew where all the islands were. He was a sailor for many years.

What's going on in our little town of Willemstand.

World War 2

Two bombs were dropped.
US military detonated the atomic bomb “Little Boy”. Many people are dying.
Three days later, “Fat Man” was detonated 1,540 feet above Nagasaki.
We are hoping that this ends soon.