School of Grammar Gazette

Issue #13: January 11-14

Full 90-Day Observations

I am more than halfway through the 90-day observations and will continue through January.
The schedule will be:
January 11-15: Kindergarten
January 18-22: 5th Grade
Stay tuned for how to schedule your observation!

Grades 4-8 History and Geography Bees

Details are still to be determined, but roughly, here is the schedule:

History Bee: first round January 11-12, (possible) school-wide bee on January 14

Geography Bee: first round January 18-22, school-wide bee on January 28

Report Cards and Conduct Reports

Hard to believe, but the end of the quarter is near!

Friday, January 22 is the end of Q2. All grades and conduct reports are due by the end of the day Friday, January 29. Please use the conduct reports on the X: drive, and save as "Quarter 2" somewhere in the file name so both Q1 and Q2 are saved as separate files. Please let me know if you have questions about this.

Upcoming Events!

Monday, January 11: Singapore Math Night @ 6:30pm

Tuesday, January 12: Lower School Faculty Meeting

(re: breakfast) @ 8am

Friday, January 22: End of Quarter 2

Friday, January 29: Grades and Conduct Reports Due

Week of February 1: Report Cards mailed

High Fives!

High Five to Traci for a great job on the justice bulletin board!
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