Ming Dynasty 1368-1644 CE

Ryan and Jared


How did the rulers of the Ming Dynasty expand or unify China?

The Ming Dynasty unified China by Zhu Yuanzang taking over a rebelling warlord and got rid of any Mongol forces left in Chins, then Yuanzang named himself emperor.

How did the Ming Dynasty lose power?

This happened:

Peasants started to rebel because of unfair governors that didn't pay taxes and/or kept the tax money. There were high taxes and two powers, Japan and Manchus threatened to attack Ming. In the end, Manchus invaded and established the Qing Dynasty.

(The Manchus Empire --->) http://www.face-music.ch/nomads/manschu_en.html

The list of rulers that controlled in the Ming Dynasty, (In death order.)

Zhu Yuan Zhang, Zhu Yuwen, Zhu Bi, Zhu Gaochi, Zhu Zhanji, Zhu Qishen, Zhu Qiyu, Zhu Jianshen, Zhu Youtang (You tang???), Zhu Houzhoa, Zhu Houcong, Zhu Zaihou, Zhu Yijin, Zhu Changluo, Zhu Changluo, Zhu Youjiao, and finally, Zhu Youjian.

How did the ruler rise to power?

Zhu Yuan Zhang rose to power by destroying Mongols in the Chinese region. He then claimed himself emperor.

Economics:How did the Ming Dynasty Contribute to trade?

When the 1st emperor of the Ming Dynasty came the throne, he severely restricted trading. He promptly believed that agriculture was the base of the economy. But when he died, his successors changed the rule and soon enough, the amount of silver flowing into the Ming Dynasty is equal to over 190 billion dollars!

What products were important in the time period of the Ming Dynasty?