Zippy Zirconium

Fastest element on the table!

Call him to the rescue!

Zippy Zirconium will be to your rescue faster than you can say his name. Zippy was created in a lab to have super fast speed and to serve the citizens of America. Zippy will always be there, just call his name and he will be there in a flash!

periodic table information

The symbol for zirconium is zr, the atomic number is 40, the average mass is 91.224. The number of protons it has is 40 and there is also 40 electrons. Zirconium is a strong, malleable, lustrous metal with a grayish-white color.

Zippy Zirconium

important uses and superhero characteristics

One important use of zirconium is the use of it in making surgical instruments. Two other important uses are the construction of super conductive magnets, and can be used as a substitute to real diamonds. Zippy zirconium can travel very quick, shoot crystals of cubic zirconium and can also live forever.