Why we Shouldn't Go to Mars!

All the Reasons......

Estimated Cost

It would cost $600 million to go to Mars. It would cost $200 million to live on Mars. That would make the U.S. dept go over $17 trillion.

Robotic Missions

Sending robots to Mars is much cheaper than sendin humans. Many robotic missions have been sent to Mars.


Barack Obama said he would like to have gone to Mars by the year 2030.

NASA Accomplishments

NASA hasnt sent humans to Mars but they have a lot of rovers to Mars.

Astronaut Training

The training Acadamy recommends that 6th-8th graders should start training right now but it cost $80 a day to go there.

Current Technology Speeds

With the currennt speeds of the shuttle it will take 7 months to 2 years to get to Mars.

Moon Landing Compare/Contrast

Compare: Rovers have been sent to Mars and the Moon.

Contrast: Mars orbits the Sun and the Moon orbits Earth.