Types of Equations

One-Step, Two-Step, Multiple Step, Variable on Both Sides

One-Step Equations

An equation that you can solve in just one step.

Example: x+5=12

Once you subtract 5 from both sides, you get x=7. So you solved for x in one step.

Two-Step Equations

An equation that takes 2 steps to solve.

Example: 2x-5=11

1st step: Add 5 to both sides.

2nd step divide each side by 2.


Multiple Step Equations

These are equations that take more than two steps to solve.

Example: 3x-6x+7=-14

1st step: Combine like terms. -3x+7=-14

2nd step: Subtract 7 from both sides. -3x=-21

3rd step: divide each side by -3. x=7

Equations with Variables on Both Sides

An equation with a variable on both sides of the equals sign.

Example: 2x+8=x-7

1st step: Move the variables to the left side of the equation. To do this, subtract x from both sides. x+8=-7.

2nd step: Subtract 8 from each side. x=-15