Cultural Identity

Welcome To Saudi Arabia !!

The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia was founded in 1932.

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King AbdulAziz

Who established Saudi Arabia and made it under regime.
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King Salman

The King of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia's Flag

It has a green field with large white arabic writing above a white sword. The arabic writing is the Islam statement of faith. green is traditional color of Islam.


Mecca is Islam's holiest city, as its the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammed and the site of Muhammed's first revelation of the Quran and millions of Muslims are arriving for Hajj annually. Also there is Al-Ka'aba which is found in the Holy Mosque.


It's a historical city. One of the most remarkable places around Riyadh which is the capital of Saudi Arabia.

Traditional Costumes & Food

Deseret , Camels & Tents

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30% of the land in Saudi Arabia is covered by sandy-deserts. The traditional tents have come to symbolize life in the desert. Arabian camels have been domesticated for approximately 3,500 years and have been long valued as pack animals.

عرضة نجد الملك عبدالله نحمد الله جت على ما انتمنى

King Abdullah and King Salman perform traditional Saudi dance.