Mount Vernon Middle School Library

School Library Month! April 2013

Make a book trailer to celebrate READING

April 14-20th is School Library Week. To celebrate we are inviting any middle school student to create a book trailer advertising a book of their choice. The trailer can be you video taped doing a "book talk" of a book. You could make an Animoto Video, see the example below. You could also reenact a favorite scene from your book with your friends. I would help you video tape the scene and edit to create a video.

I will be available to help/supervise students on April 3,4,8,10 and 11th from 3:05-4:00 to create the book trailer.

Select the book you would like to make a book trailer of and make arrangements to stay after school. Look at the examples below to look at different book trailers.

Mrs. Kragenbrink

Animoto Video of Savvy

Book Trailer Video using video editing software

Use Smore to make a book trailer!

Winners from the Book Fair Plate Character Contest