Causes of WWI

Definition and description

Entangling Alliances

Entangling Alliances were when one country was allied with another and the other countries were allied with the country that was allied with the original country and the problem with that was when one country gets in war then all the other countries were dragged into the war after it.


Each country was trying to prove that they had the best army so they kept getting better weapons and more soldiers to intimidate them.


Imperialism was when a country was expanding to new land. this became a problem because many countries could want one peace of land the countries would them fight for the land.


Nationalism is having pride in ones country. This became a problem because each nation wanted to prove that it was the best and they proved it by war.

Assassination of Archduke

When he was assassinated the entangling alliances were pulled into war to defend that country and it was like a spark the the going to be fire.


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