Gothic Style House

Courtney Bradley

Gothic house

This house style has irregular shapes and floor plans within it. It also has a steep roof, gothic arched windows, and a gingerbread-like trim. These homes can also easily be recognized by their pointed parts of the house and the arches on the outside of the house. Some of these homes are compared to haunted houses, or at least the structure and look of them.
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This type of house was popular in the mid 19th century, and it was inspired by medieval design. The style was advanced by Alexander Davis and Andrew Downing, 2 architects who wrote books on influential house plans. This house was described as an appropriate design for rural settings. The mid 19th century was marked by the collapse of the roman empire and some of greek, which these houses sometimes came to resemble.
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Can fashion play a part too?

Fashion during the 19th century also could've played part in the way that the houses were build. Corsets, bonnets, long dresses, big skirts, and much more were worn. Almost the same outfits that you see women wearing inside of haunted houses, which these homes come to resemble at times. Also, mourning black outfits were popular during this time, which is sometimes seen to others as "goth"-like
North American House Types: Gothic Revival Houses
A lot of the gothic style houses were build with brick, wood, & siding. Some that were bigger had more brick. Slat siding was also put on the outside of these houses in most instances. The types of people that lived in these types of houses were middle class, unless the size of the gothic house was built bigger than most, and in that case, higher class people lived in them.