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What's New in Spearman's Library?

New Books!

One of the most fun things that I get to do as Spearman's media specialist is order awesome new books for my students. Check out these below to find one that you might like!

The Book Fair Is Coming!

Thursday, Sep. 5th 2013 at 12pm

Spearman's Media Center

Get excited!! Spearman's Fall Book Fair is coming, and it will be even bigger and better than before! Because of your support and our school's success in the past, Scholastic has made our Fall Book Fair bigger sending us more incredible books from which to choose. I can't wait to see it and do some shopping myself! The Fair will run from September 5th through September 19th. Check it out!

Homeconnect and BookFinder

This past year Spearman upgraded our Accelerated Reader program. We no longer buy individual quizzes, but rather subscribe to a program in which all AR quizzes are available to our students. This means that there are AR quizzes for most books that the students want to read. Students are not limited to books in our library. They may take AR quizzes on books that they own, or books that are checked out from other libraries.

Many new and exciting features come with this new program as well. One such program is Homeconnect. With a student's username and password, students and parents are able to track the AR progress of the student from home: which tests have been taken, the score on those tests, how many books have been read, etc.

Also from Homeconnect there is a link to Bookfinder. With AR BookFinder, students can search through quiz titles to see if the book that they want to read has a quiz available. Or students can do a more advanced search to find books on certain topics that are within their reading range. They can then save these books to their bookbags and essentially have a list of reading that they'd like to do and take quizzes on those books. Not all of the books that they wish to read may be in the library, so students can print their lists and find those books at a bookstore or a public library as well.

I am excited about all of these new AR tools! I think that they will make AR more fun and more personal for the students. Parents, I encourage you to use Homeconnect as a way to stay involved in your child's reading.