Red Sea Coral Reef Vacation

by: Natalie Kidd

Destination: The Coast of Egypt

Reef Vacation

During your reef vacation, there are several things to do including:

  • Taking a glass bottom boat out to the reef
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving

Things To Do:

You will be able to visit the reef in several different ways. You can snorkel, dive, and take out a glass bottem boat.
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There are several varities and different kinds of accomodations to chose from, but a highly reccomended one would be to stay at the Delta Sharm Resort. It is close to the Red Sea coral reef snorkling at Ras Mohamed National Park.

Passport, Restrictions, ETC.

You are required to have VISA passport made at Egyption passport and immigration offices in the United States.

As for restrictions, there aren't really any asides from staying away from any government action (due to recent problems in egypt.)

There are no vaccinations needed.