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Darren Bainbridge

Purchase of bracelets white compared to other precious metals gold

Many people are somewhat shamballa bracelet undecided if bracelets and white gold to make the purchase, because the silver very close metal and these bracelets are of course more expensive compared to the money. How do I know if the piece was purchased are authentic bracelet and not a single silver with an over-inflated price? Here are a few tips.

Examine the marks. Stores do not pull the brands of jewelry that are sold. They are craftsmen. If the gold white and silver bracelet, "92.5" and "SB" read the marks on the lock. They stand for the quality of money and the words «Silver» On the other hand, if you are looking for an authentic piece, the lock must be karat gold class. This can be 14 k or 18 k.
Look at the prices. Of course, no company would be too high a price, a silver bracelet attract if it is with precious stones. If you are looking for a piece of sterling silver, made by hand. If it is heavy and cost $200, it is not very impressed. It is certainly a silver bracelet. More expensive silver bracelets are thicker and heavier than the other silver coins. And if the gem is heavy and you expect it is now white, think again. Is needed, the cost much more.
Show "white". While the two bracelets appear grey whitish, silver coins have more grey, which are noticeably brighter in other materials. These bracelets will not fade even if it is exposed to water or even older. On the other hand, also the highest level of the silver will tarnish with age after a few months. You need a cleaning cloth or dust continues to acquire its brightness.
These bracelets are very popular; other metals 'white' is still more expensive. It is titanium and Platinum. Most people prefer these two metals despite the largest price tags. Source : Video

Platinum bracelets are, for example, unique bracelets, which can be purchased at its purest. If you buy the Platinum bracelets, you can be sure that you will get 100% Platinum and not only an alloy. Now white is an alloy which mixed with silver and other precious metals, so you can get that in its impure form: 14 k and 18 k. A piece that is 24 carat will be too soft. This is not ideal for pieces of jewelry.

Titanium is the hardest metal on Earth on the other side. It is more resistant to scratch dell compared to most bracelets. However also not flexible when it comes to designing, is due to the hardness of the metal. Titanium bracelets are bracelets of large, but not as impressive as the men ladies jewelry.

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