MGM 6th Grade Gator News

March 16, 2015


Read below for house news, upcoming assessments, and highlights!

News & Updates

Color Me Gator Run PTO Fundraiser

Remember to bring registration forms and payment to your crew leader! Students will have crew Wednesday, Wednesday, March 18th. We want as many colorful runners as possible to support our PTO Fundraiser!

Color Me Gator--Volunteers Needed!

MGM's 1st Color Me Gator Color Run will be April 22nd. You have hopefully seen the forms that have been sent home. This is a PTO fundraiser and will take the place of our Swamp Fest. We are really excited about this event and with your help we can make this an exciting event for the students and staff. We really need your help to make this Color Run the success we are expecting it to be.

This will be an all day event and there are a variety of things that you can help with.

Set up: 8:00 – 12:00 set up on the football field

This will include setting up the sound systems, large fans, filling up cups with the color powder. We will have 3 areas for the students during this event. An area for warm-ups, the Color Run (walk, skip or jump) and the party area where they will be able to throw their color powder packs.

The Color Run and Clean Up: 1:00 – 4:00

Each grade level has a designated time for their Color Run and Color Party. We will need volunteers to throw the color powder as the students move their way around the track.

Please let Kathy Campbell ( know what time you are available to help us with this event. We greatly appreciate all your support of the MGMS students in making this an exciting year.

EL Expedition: Me to We

Calling all experts! We need YOU!

For our upcoming science case study, we will need engineers to talk to our students about making prototypes and the engineering design process. Please contact your child's science teacher (Dyar, Fralick, or Quinton) if you are interested in sharing your engineering work experiences with students.

Upcoming Assessments

Check Schoology for more details. Email your student's teacher with specific questions.

Grade Level ELA: None

Accelerated ELA: Latin Roots Notebook Check Monday 3/23

Latin Roots Summative Assessment Thursday 3/26

Grade Level Math: Chapter 10 Assessment- Friday, March 20

Accelerated Math: Chapter 10 Assessment- Tuesday, March 17

Science: Science - Weather Test 2 retake on Wednesday, March 18th. Evidences of Learning are on Schoology and should be completed before the retake.

Social Studies: Students are working on a DBQ focused on Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas! Which ancient people had a more significant impact on the ancient and modern world? Students will work daily this week to complete their DBQ to be turned in next week.

World Language: STAMP testing throughout the month of March. Your childs's teacher will announce the specific days.

World Language French Immersion: None

World Language Novice B1: Summative 3.2 Unit IPA

World Language Novice B2: None

World Language Novice B3: Summative Assessments

World Language Novice C1: Summative Assessments

World Language Novice C2: None

World Language Novice C3 Spanish: Summative Assessments

World Language Latin Novice A: None

Gator Highlights

6th graders celebrate Pi Day!
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Thank you for sharing your children with us each day!