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Spring 2015 Non-Traditional Career Panel

Thank you for speaking as panelists on the Job Resource Center's Non-Traditional Career Panel. Students who attended highly enjoyed the event. The majority of feedback from students was they enjoyed the encouragement to seek out positions they would not typically seek out based on their genders. many students stated they would explore options they are passionate about. One student in particular said the event was "inspirational".

Each panelist was recognized in a different way. Students enjoyed Lisa's passion and enthusiasm for welding. Robert's and Emmanuel's abilities to care for others in health care environments. George's real-world experience and advice to criminal justice students. Kristen's ability to handle technology and reinvent her career path and John's detailed analysis of the world of massage therapy.

Together, all of you created a wonderful experience for our students and we couldn't have been happier with how the event turned out. We hope you will be interested in and willing to speak as a panelist at future JRC events. Thank you again for taking the time to touch the lives of our students and make a difference in their career development.

Happy Spring!

Erin Holman, Job Resource Specialist

Please notify your employers:

We have an upcoming Job and Internship Fair, Thursday March 26. If your employer would like to participate and find their next great hire please see the information below

or contact the Job Resource Center: (708) 974-5737 or

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