Beamont, Texas

My Colony Creation

The Route

You would travel from Sante Fe, New Mexico to Lubock, Texas. Next, you would travel from Lubock to Fort worth, Texas. Then, from Fort Worth to Tyler, Texas. After that, from Tyler to Beaumont, Texas, which is the destination we would reach. See image to your right if do not understand. To become a succussful colony, we need to compramise, get along, and stick together! If we do this, it will help greatly.


Beaumont, Texas is near a river, the Sabine river, which gives them the advantage of fish, water, and more. They are also oil located beneath Beaumont which helps what today has become like creating vehicles that run on oil. There are Buffalo near Beaumont which gives the advatage of other food supplies besides fish.

Images of Beaumont, Texas


We will be traveling by horse and camals. We will need soil, seeds, and material for building a well for farming. We will also need weapons to kill buffalo and other animals for food. We might also need to the weapons to kill indians. We need extra material as well for our houses which would be made out of stone or wood.