Path To Perseverance

By: Bradley Swieter

How is perseverance defined?

Perseverance is defined by powering though adversity. People that have gone through adversity and had to overcome it that will be included in this newsletter are Alex, Amp, Kirbie, The High Council of the bad guys and the mayor of the city. The purpose of this newsletter is to inform people about way to power through adversity.
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Power through adversity

In a quarter mile long cave where the group of hero's are hiding from the bad guys, realizing that the council can't beat them that easily, "At least we'll be showing the high council we are not giving up with out a fight."(Kraatz) Once they know the bad guys are gone they head out of the cave and go back to the lake house which they are currently staying in.
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Overcoming Problems

Alex and Amp are in the woods doing a training exercise, where they get into a head to head battle. First, Alex knocks Amp back so he is flying backwards. Next, Amp twists his body in mid air so his feet hit the trunk of a tree first. Then, Alex feels proud of himself for just a moment. "You've got some incredible moves."(Kraatz 31) After that, Amp uses him sound waves to knock Alex to the ground. Finally, Amp makes sure that Alex does not get back up by hitting him with another attack. This deals with perseverance because Alex was winning but Amp was resilient and came back to win against Alex. His adversity was he was not winning but then he persevered through and won.
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Persevered through it all

The hero's were all scattered around the city so the mayor was trying a public announcement to try and get all the hero's back to home base. during this announcement the mayor said "What did Lone Star, Lux, and Dr. Phantom do, They persevered." The group responded to this by finding one of the kids and recruiting them onto there team. to do this they had to find one which took forever. Finally they found someone and she was perfect.

What can we learn from perseverance?

Perseverance is defined by powering though adversity. In this News letter I have showed just a few ways to overcome adversity. Some of these ways might help me. Some on the other hand might not. But in conclusion, Persevering though adversity is not that hard if I put my mind to it. I just have jump on the path to perseverance.


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