cultural revolutoin

By : Elizabeth . Corwin

How the cultural revolution started

Mao Zedong fleet that the leadership in the Soviet Union was moving to far in a restitution direction. With that Mao order reassert authority over the chines government. Then Mao shut down the nation schools. Mao called for a massive youth mobilization to take the current party leaders to task for their embrace of bourgeois values and lack of revolutionary spirit. A personality cult quickly sprang up around Mao , similar to that witch existed for Josef Stalin , with different fractions of the movement claiming the true interpretation of Maoist thought.

who were the Red Guards

The red guards were recognized by their uniform green with a red band on their left arm. The first red guards were mad up of students ranging from as young as elementary to university students. In 1966 a group of middle school students in Beijing named them self "Chairman Mao's Red Guards ."Mao's support for them led to the name " Red Guard " being adopted by groups who were sanctioned by , Mao's and his supporters to " rebel against the system " all over China. Once the red guards had served their purpose of overturning the old older these restive. Young people were exiled from the cites. Many of the reed guards didn't return to the cites until the late 1970's , some never did return.

How it affected the population

The population reduced from many people dying. In time the public shaming grew increasingly violent thousand people were killed out right. People had Ben humiliated framers , doctors , teachers many of them committed suicide. After the cultural revolution the chines had encourage families to have more than one child. The chines families had not want to have more than one child , because the idea of ever having more than one child was impossible to them. The population was greatly damaged in because of the cultural revolution but the population had recovered in time.
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How it could happen today

The way this could happen today is that there is a dictator in North Korea . His name is Kim Jong-un he is not a very nice dictator he could lunch a nuclear boom at the USA. Kim Jong-un dose not like the USA at all. He could convince ( trick ) North Korea to thinking that we are planning to start a war with them to ware we would most likely not survive.
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