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PCB Assembly

PCB Manufacturer

PCB Assembly

PCB Manufacturer

PCB Circuit Board Manufacturing steps

1)Film Generation

2)Select Raw Material

3)Drill Holes

4)Electroless Copper

To electrically connect to different layers of the PCB through holes is used.A thin layer is used that the copper is chemically deposited into the through holes.Through electrolytic copper plating this copper will be thickened later.

5) Apply Photo-resist and Image

Here to transfer the PCB design from the electronic CAD data to the physical circuit board this photo-resist is used.The entire board area is starts by applying photo-resist.The copper layer film image is placed over the board. This high intensity UV light source exposes the uncovered portion of the photo resist.Removing the unexposed photo-resist from the panel means we chemically develop the board.Here we are creating the pads and traces.

6)Pattern Plate

Here which builds copper thickness into the holes and onto the surface of the PCB.This process is called electrochemical process.In the holes once the copper thickness is built up on the circuitry,we plate and other additional layer of tin to the exposed surface.Tin will protect the plated copper during,the etching process and then later it will be removed.

7)Strip & Etch

This process takes place in multiple steps.First step is to chemically remove the photo-resist from the panel.To chemically removing the photo-resist from the panel this is the first step.This process takes place in multiple steps.



10)Surface Finish Applied


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