Izzy Latiolais

Who Am I

All About Me

I am active and creative

I wonder what the world would be like with peace

I hear my music speak to me

I want to see my brother

I am active and creative

I pretend that I am a singer

I feel like I'm living crazy

I touch nature

I worry about not going to be able to see my brother

I cry when I am sad

I am active and creative

I understand that life can be difficult

I say that you should stand up for yourself

I dream of becoming a singer

I try to help others

I hope to see my brother

I am active and creative

Favorite things

These are a few of my favorite thing I do on my free time.

6 word memory (what I believe)

Work hard, be brave, and be unique


Fun Facts 4X4

I love to draw

I love to sing

I love animals

I love to be outside

A story that Touches my heart.

A story that touches my heart is "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. It touches my heart because Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy fall in love. Elizabeth chooses a not as wealthy man as others to true love.
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Favorite book- 4X4 summary of Buddy

  • One dog and one car
  • Dog named buddy lives with Lil'T
  • Hurricane Katrenia hits
  • Search to get dog back