6 Traits Of Writing

Kaylia Wirfs

Six Traits of Writing Rap



  • choose a topic(be sure to pick one that interests you, but also fits the assignment)
  • Include details such as : facts, statistics, examples, thoughts, and feelings.
  • also be sure to check with you teacher to be sure the topic is appropriate


  • have a topic sentence
  • main ideas
  • details
  • conclusions
Organization is effective writing,has a clear beginning ,middle,and ending. The overall writing well organized and easy to follow.


The best writing reveals the writers voice-his/her special way of saying things.

  • Speak in a engaging way that keeps the reader interested and wanting more
  • show rather than tell

Word Choice

Good writing contains strong words including specific nouns and verbs, The words fit the audience and deliver a clear message.

  • use specific nouns and verbs
  • use exciting adverbs and adjectives
  • use a thesaurus

Sentence Fluency

Effective writing flows smoothly from one sentence to the next . Sentences vary in length and begin in a variety of ways.

  • Combine short , choppy(stuby) sentences into longer ,smoother ones .
  • use a variety of sentence lengths and beginnings.
  • use simple ,compound and complex sentences.


Conventions is all about using tools and dictionary's and thesauruses to help you.