Statue of liberty

By Noelle tuttle

The statue of liberty

The statue of liberty is 305' feet tall. Between the friendship of France and America; the statue was built for the welcming of many and beautiful view. The statue is located on Liberty island, in New York City. The creater of this master peice is Frederic Augstc Bartnolgi. In 1875 te statue was brought to America from France to show the freedom that was in America.

The statue is important for the presents of new people understanding the freemdom of many. Fourteen million imagrants have came through a year. Presadent Obama thinks we should put a stop to this and it is filling up half of our population.

The real name for the statue is Enlighting the World. For many years, is stood as a light house. The head of Ms.Liberty was showed for the first time at the World Fair in Paris. Why in Paris? The whole statue was made in France for America to show friendship. The seven rays on her crown is a representation for the seven seas and continets of the world.

The statue has been hit by lightning many of times. the tablet in her hands is to show the declaration of independence. The statue was made in many sections. the coper has turned into a bluesh greenish color because of the water splashing. The freedom to many makes a beautiful view from the sight of the rays. the bounding of france and america has improved everything. The statue of liberty is defently a place to visit. The statue is a rememberal place for everyone to visit. Lady liberty has been there for many years and more to come.


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