Morgan Goodman

Foundations of Government

In U.S history, the basic colony from 1639 to 1662, formally adopted (Jan 14, 1639) by representatives from the towns of Hartford and Windsor, meeting at Hartford. The preamble bound the habits of the three towns to be governed in all things by the orders that followed and these were similar to the statue laws else where in New England, differing only in that they were shaped into brief, clear, compact frame of government. The government or "combination" as Hooker called it, confirmed the system that had functioned in the three towns since 1636 and was very like the Massachusetts model. The main concern of the fundamental orders was the welfare of the community, the individual always had to give way if the needs of the community at large so required. This provided frame work for the government in Connecticut. For years prior to the adoption of the Fundamental orders. Connecticut towns were for med by puritan Congregationalists. The Connecticut colonys established religion.


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