June 7, 2013 (Vol. 22)

Quote of the Week:

This year has really been an incredible experience for son and our family. I had heard what an amazing school Solana Highlands was when we first moved into the neighborhood, but now I have seen it first hand. From day one we have been so impressed by the school, the teachers and the staff. So thank you again for all that you and the rest of the staff do every day to make Solana Highlands such a wonderful school.

Imagine, Dream, Believe

High Tides

  • 15 Years of Service - Debra Mulvaney and Kirsten Oliver
  • 20 Years of Service - Hollis Lefkowitz and Paula Turner
  • Happy Retirement - Jody, Nurse Nancy, and Mary. Words are simply not enough to express our appreciation for each of you.
  • Thank you Courtney - for hosting the End-of-the-Year Staff Party!
  • Susanna for arranging the great parent speakers for Career Day- Guitar Maker, Heart Surgeon, Author, and Veterinarian!
  • Angie Tremble - The iPad Challenge Activity for the Summer. You have been a great TOSA this year!
  • Climate Team - For organizing all of the staff parties, remembering all of the important events for others, and for always looking for ways to make Solana Highlands the BEST place to teach and work!
  • Lisa Salley for getting the trail mix and leading us in song at our end-of-the-year staff meeting
  • The District Office - For making the delicious breakfast (pancakes, fruit, sausage, juice, etc.). We are so lucky!
  • To the Entire Solana Highlands' Staff - For making this a year to remember!


  • Happy Birthday - Linda Tucker 6-7-13
  • Baby Breakfast - for Michelle and Johanna 7:45 in the Lounge
  • Field Day - 6-12 - Be ready to have fun with your students!
  • Class Placements - Be sure your green and white cards are completely filled out, so that they are of use to next year's teacher.
  • Last Day of School - 6-13 - Where has the time gone?!? Check out - 6-14 Be sure to get signed out and print out a hard copy of the report card for each student's cumulative folder.
  • Summer Book Club - Log in to Edmodo to give your preference for the day and time. Remember the group code has been changed to xnmiab.