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February 4, 2016

This Edition

  • Head of School Published in The State
  • National School Counseling Week
  • Kindness Week
  • Journey to CASC family
  • Charleston Stem Fest
  • Updates from our Teams
  • HS: Prom survey! Don't miss out!- Also check out the Resource area for the Cinderella Project.
  • HS Orientation for LC video
  • It's Tax time! Check out some great links for support with your taxes
  • Learning Coach University Class Schedule

In The News!

Our Head of School, David Crook, was recently published in The State paper.

Many choices available for education

Parents deserve to have meaningful options about where to send their children for public education, and that choice should not be restricted by a ZIP code or income. I urge families to evaluate the available public, charter, online, magnet and private school options and consider what type of program is the best fit for their children’s learning needs.

Families choose Cyber Academy of South Carolina for many reasons. Some need a more flexible classroom model, because health concerns make it challenging to take the children to a brick-and-mortar school every day. Many find that our blended options offer valuable face-to-face instruction that helps their transition into virtual education. We also enroll students who have been struggling to focus on their lessons in a school environment where they are bullied or feel unsafe.

We’re lucky to live in a state where parents have ample opportunity to choose how their children learn.

– David Crook Head of School, Cyber Academy of South Carolina Greenville

Happy National School Counselor's Week

Recently Courtney Kountz, our school counselor was Nationally recognized for her amazing work that she has done. We are so thankful and proud to have her as part of our team at Cyber Academy!

Mrs. Courtney Kountz has served as the School Counselor and Testing Coordinator with CASC since the fall of 2014. She is a Licensed Independent Social Worker and School Counselor. Courtney earned her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI, School Counseling Certification from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH, and is currently adding a Career Development certification.

Since starting with CASC, Courtney has created a full school counseling program, complete with classroom guidance curriculum, college and career readiness programming, dual enrollment, and student counseling services, all while serving as the CASC Testing Coordinator.

Courtney lives near Greenville, SC with her husband and two sons, ages 6 and 1. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and reading. Most importantly, CASC can also always count on a never-ending supply of delicious sweets due to Courtney’s amazing baking skills!

From the Desk of Mrs. Kountz

Happy National School Counseling Week!!

This is an exciting time of year for me! National School Counseling Week is a dedicated time to celebrate our students, staff, and families! I am so lucky to be part of an amazing school and to work with all of you! With the theme of the week being Recipe for Success, I hope you all like the recipe I have below. Each of you can be successful in whatever you set your mind to….and I am happy to help you recognize and meet your goals! It is an honor to work with all of you, and I hope you know that you bring a smile to my face! Check your kmail for a daily message from me in honor of National School Counseling Week. Don’t forget that with all of us working together, your recipe will turn out to be AMAZING!

Mrs. Kountz

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Cyber Academy's Week of Kindness

February 8th- 12th

Cyber Academy's kindness week is coming up! During this week we are encouraging students, learning coaches, families, and teachers to think about ways that we can make a difference in our families and communities. We are asking everyone to make the effort to smile, compliment, support, encourage, and make someone's day. It won't take that much extra time but will make a difference to someone else.

We will be posting ideas on our Facebook page daily to support the challenge. We'd love for you to share what you and your family did to be kind to others.

Kindness should be something we partake in everyday. This week is dedicated to celebrate and share all of the ways that people can be kind to one another.

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Our learning labs around the state offer support for students and families as they tackle the content and online system. They provide in person support with locating resources to help students and families find success. There are still spots left for a few of our learning labs around the state.

CASC Learning Lab Sign Up

Journey To CASC Family Highlight

Heron families have shared so many wonderful stories with us about how Cyber Academy has made a difference in their family's lives. We have chosen, with the permission of the families, to share some of the stories with the school. Would you like to submit your story?

Journey to CASC Submission Form

"Trace has not liked school since he began in a brick in mortar setting. He struggled since day one. The teachers said things like he is your baby, getting letters and number backwards is normal, he will be OK, keep pushing, his homework took hours and he stayed upset. Some kids are made for brick schools but he is not. K12 it is.. learning on his level, great/amazing teacher, games, virtual study help, teacher at his fingertips, virtual library, family outings and much much more. He does better on his own schedule and one on one. Life at home is amazing now and he tells everyone how much he loves k12. Thanks Cyber Academy for bringing life back into our family."

We are so glad that Trace can find success and comfort with CASC!

Heron Shout Out!

Mrs. Ahl

We met Ms. Ahl at the Mt. Pleasant Sky Zone outing, at the begin of school. My student was new to CASC, and has an anxiety disorder. Ms. Ahl approached us, and with her friendly take charge personality, she managed to get my student to go out on the trampoline, without her family, and jump with her. Ms. Ahl also works at the learning lab that my student attends, and when she saw her come in the first day, she called her by name, She put us at ease right away, knowing that if our student would not have a panic attack, because she knew Ms. Ahl was there. Teachers like Ms. Ahl are very special, and we at CASC, are lucky to have her!

Thank you,
Kate Wible

Dates to write down

Feb 8-12 Kindness Week

Feb 15th No school

March 7 ACT WorkKeys (HS third year students)

Mar 25-April 1 Spring Break

April 26-28 SC Ready (3rd -8th grade students)

May 10-12 EOCs (HS students- Alg 1, Eng 1, Bio, US History, Possibly Eng. 2 and Geometry)

May 11-12 Science, Social Studies (4th-8th grade students)

May 18th DRA Kindergarten Assessment (K students)

Cyber Academy is not part of the festival this year but it looks like a wonderful opportunity for those in the Charleston area to attend.

The Charleston STEM Festival is a celebration of science, technology, engineering and math in the Lowcountry. The 3rd annual festival will be highly visible outdoor event that provides opportunity for engagement and exchange between children, teens, families, and local STEM professionals. This exciting event will take place on February 6, 2016 from 10am-3pm at Brittlebank Park in Charleston, SC and will feature ~50 exhibitors who will provide hands-on activities, live performances, interactive demonstrations, and family-oriented STEM entertainment.


High School

Testing Dates

March 7th WorkKeys testing for 3rd year HS students

April 16th Prom

May 10-12 EOCs (HS students- Alg 1, Eng 1, Bio, US History, Possibly Eng. 2 and Geometry)

High School Learning Coaches are you looking for support with the Online High School Platform? Here is a short video on all of the HS LC Support Video:

LC Orientation Video


Please complete the following survey for prom!

The prom is Saturday, April 16th.

Time: 6:00 -10:00

Where: The GMG Music Center in Columbia, SC

Dress: Formal

Theme: TBD

CASC 2016 Prom Survey

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Middle School

Testing Dates:

April 26-28 SC Ready (3rd -8th grade students)

May 11-12 Science, Social Studies (4th-8th grade students)

Elementary School

Testing Dates:

April 26-28 SC Ready (3rd -8th grade students)

May 11-12 Science, Social Studies (4th-8th grade students)

May 18th DRA Kindergarten Assessment (K students)

Family Academic Support Team (FAST)

Resource Corner

Family Resource Coordinator

Aisha Lake: 864-236-4006 X4028

Resource Corner…

Attention High School Students: Prom is approaching

April 16, 2016

The Cinderella Project has all your needs: make it a night to remember

Attend a boutique in your area to pick out a dress, accessories and much more…

You’re only required to bring a school ID

(ID’s were included in enrollment materials, please let me know if you need assistance)

Please visit link for locations, date and time


Locations Include:


Saturday, Feb. 27, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Maxwell Law Firm

225 Chesterfield St., NW


Contact: Ashley Hammack at (803) 642-1557 or ahammack@aikencountysc.gov


Saturday, April 9, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Anderson County Library

300 N. Mcduffie St.


Contact: Leslie McIntosh at (864) 225-0001 or leslie@msslawfirm.net


Saturday, February 27, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Brookland Baptist Church

1066 Sunset Blvd., W. Columbia


Contact: Erica Lybrand at (803) 771-7900

or Marshall Tinsley at (843) 206-3260

Co-sponsored by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Upsilon Omega Omega Chapter


Saturday, March 12, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Aldersgate United Methodist Church

7 Shannon Dr., Greenville


Contact: Lisa Bentley at (864) 467-8260


Saturday, April 9, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Emerald Baptist Church

110 E. Laurel Ave., Greenwood


Contact: Leslie Fisk at (864) 223-4879 or lesliefisk@sclegal.org


Saturday, March 12, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Catch the Vision

1425 Russell St., Orangeburg


Contact: Sarah Ford at (803) 533-6252 or sford@scsolicitor1.org

It’s that time of year “Tax Time”

The Benefit Bank

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Please visit website for locations near you and details to process.


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Learning Coach University

RSVP for upcoming Learning Coach University Sessions

LCU Writing Refresher

Tuesday, February 2nd @ 12:30am Topic: Clauses

Tuesday, February 16th @ 12:30am Topic: Sentence Structure

RSVP for LCU Math Refresher

Tuesday, February 9th @ 12:30pm Topic: Working with Variables

Tuesday, February 23rd @ 12:30pm Topic: Solving Algebraic Equations

Blackboard Collaborate Tips and Tricks

Tuesday, February 2nd @ 7pm

Thursday, February 11th @ 3pm

Keeping up with Social Media

Tuesday, February 9th @ 2pm

Pre-School Story Hour

Wednesday, February 10th @ 6pm

Banishing Burnout - Online Meetup for Parents and Learning Coaches

Tuesday, February 16th @ 8pm

The Road to College Just Got Easier!

Monday, February 22nd @ 6pm

Helpful Hints to being a successful Heron

Wondering if the OLS or NOHS is down or if it is just your internet or computer? Try this link: http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/k12.com.html It will let you know!

Choosing a Novel: Does your student need to choose a novel for their literature class? The link above provides valuable information about how to make the section.

Learning Coach Video Support: Are you a visual learner? This will help you with many questions that you might have!

Computer Questions? This link has a ton of trouble shooting ideas for you!

Locating Student ID#: From the LC page, go to "My Info" and then "School" and you can locate it on the top right side.

7 Strategies for Student Success

CASC Strong Start Website- This is a wonderful resource for new and returning families. It is full of resources and suggestions for both students and learning coaches.

Learning Liftoff is a great newsletter for K12 parents that provides games and other resources for virtual families.

Fire Drill- Did you get an error message when trying to access coursework or classes?
Check out the Fire Drill page for ideas of what to do when technology doesn't go our way.

Are you looking for South Carolina Standards? Here is a wonderful website that lists what students are supposed to know in each grade.

Please make sure that you check your announcements in the OLS and OHS to stay up to date with the latest CASC information.

CASC is on Pinterest

Follow us on Pinterest for great ideas and resources.

Cyber Academy of South Carolina

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