By Emma Powers

The Red Planet

Mars is called The Red Plant. The distance from the Sun is 142 million miles away. Mars only has two Moons. Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun. One year on Mars is 686.98 Earth days. One day on Mars is 24 hours and 37 minutes on Earth. The largest canyon on Mars would stretch from NYC to Los Angeles. It also has the solar system's biggest volcano.

Planet Research Information

Mars got it's name from a Roman god of war and agricuture. Mars is 23 degrees F on a martain summer day. The size of Mars is 4,212 miles. Mars is a reddish color. Mars has a atmosphere made up of nirogen,oxygen,and argon. If you weighed 70 pound on Earth, you would 27 pounds on Mars. Mars has higher mountains, and deeper canyons than any other planet.

Mars is Amazing!