The Strangest thing I've ever seen

By Anthony Salas

I have seen some strange things but this is by far the strangest. It all started 2 months before I was going to be baptized. It was a dark and cloudy night in Norco California. I was about 6 years old and I was finishing dinner and I was going to bed.

I was going to the kitchen and I was going to get a drink of water. When I finished I went to bed and then I had the worst nightmare I have ever had. After that I was so scared that I was sweating so I went to the window to get fresh air. After that my mom told me to see something on the news and it was about a old lady who had past away in the old tree house we had in our backyard.

I was so scared that I wanted to sleep with my mom but their was no room so I had to sleep in my room. The good thing was that I was sharing a room with two of my brothers. So I went to sleep and suddenly I had nightmares about the old lady on the news .It was the worst dream I had ever had I woke up in the middle of the night and the dream was so scary that I was sweating. I was so sweaty that I went to the window to get some fresh air and then suddenly I saw a old lady all white and she was wearing a funeral hat.

After I had saw her I had recognized her a little bit it turns out that the lady on the news who had died.It turns out that the old lady had died a long time ago they just barely found the footage that day she had died in the old tree house we had in the backyard.When I saw her I tried to move away but I couldn't for some reason I could not.After that I tried to go back to sleep but I had the same nightmare the exact day.I was trying to wake up my brother but he could not hear me I was so scared that I put 3 blankets over me.

The next day I told my family about what happened and my brothers at first didn't believe me but the same night they saw what I had told them about.The day after that My dad was leaving to work at 3 in the morning and when he was walking out the door he forgot something and then he saw her looking at him in his eyes outside the window and then he believed every single word I said.