By, Ben Bercaw


In January of 1940 Auschwitz was the new site for a concentration camp. By February the Nazis started to deport Jews to Poland. The Jews were forced to reside in marked off sections in towns and cities called ghettos. As the year continued and the Nazis invaded other countries the Jews were forced to move to new locations where the Jewish people were concentrated in ghetto areas.
  • 10,000 ghettos were created in occupied territories
  • The largest was in Warsaw with over 400,000 Jews by the end of the year
  • In May walls were put up locking in over 164,000 Jews in Lodz Poland
  • June 22 France surrendered and now French Jews are a target
  • the Neuengamme concentration camp was opened in June
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Neuengamme Camp


In 1941 the Holocaust momentum continued to grow across Europe. Numerous riots in Nazi occupied countries resulted in 1000's of Jews being slaughtered. During this year the official Nazi party reached a decision to physically annihilate all the Jews of Europe.
  • In the Netherlands all Jews were required to register with municipal offices
  • 10,000 Jews died of starvation in the Warsaw ghetto
  • Nazis implemented the Final Solution in July
  • In October the establishment of Auschwitz II (Birkenau) was set up for extermination
  • December 11, the US declares war on Japan and Germany
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