K-2 Monday Memo

February 15, 2016

From Your Assistant Principal


This is a reminder that Superintendent Eakins will be visiting TBK8 on Wednesday,

February 17th along with our Area Superintendent Mrs. Grasso. We are excited to be able to showcase TBK8 and all that we are proud of.

SAT-10 is coming soon for 1st and 2nd grade (see below). I want to use this time to remind you that the best preparation for this test is creating lessons that teach to the standards, not that practice specific item types. A practice test will be provided to you a week or two prior to the assessment and you may use that with your students. If you have a question about if a type of test practice is appropriate, please speak with Theresa Scholl or me. Below is a link that will take you to a video put out by the assessment department regarding preparing for the SAT-10. Please review it carefully.

Remember to be AWESOME!

Teach Like a Pirate

This past week, my reading was focused on Transformation. This chapter focuses specifically on how we can transform our practice in order to get kids excited and engaged in learning.

Burgess starts out stating that you don't want your lessons to be ordinary. You want your lessons to be remarkable.

"Remarkable means that you are so exceptional and different that people talk about you- in a good way." (Burgess p.56)

He encourages us to reflect how our class stands out from others. He asks readers to think about two questions:

1. If your students didn't have to be there, would you be teaching in an empty room?

2. Do you have any lessons you could sell tickets for?

There's no way that each and every lesson is going to fulfill both of those questions. However, we can make sure that every lesson is worthy of learning if we can focus on 2 things: Positioning and Reframing.

Positioning: Putting your information in the front of your students' minds... and keeping it there!

Reframing: Taking something that might not seem great, and turning it into something magic.

I look forward to sharing more with you.

Highlights from the Lower Campus

Important Dates

2/17: Superintendant's Visit

Kindergarten Field Trip to Lowry Park Zoo

2/18: 2nd Graders to United Skates

2/19: 2nd Graders to United Skates

2/22: Team Leaders with Stacy @3:00 Location- TBD

2/23: PreK-2 Faculty Meeting @4:00 in LC Media

2/25: Conference Night

3/5: TBK8 GALA

3/8: K-5 Faculty Meeting with Dr. Grantham @4:00 UC Cafe

From Your Counselors


          • -Tickets will be sold for 125 stripes.

          • -Students (K-5) must turn in stripes to lower or upper campus media center.

          • -Students (6-8) will turn in stripes at the Tiger Store on the stage during lunch.

          • -TEACHERS: please have students staple piles of 10 or 5 together for easy and quick counting.

          • -Once students turn in 125 tickets, they will be added to the mystery event list.

          • -LAST DAY TO BUY EVENT TICKETS- March 2nd

          • -EVENT WILL BE March 11th

          • -On the day of the event, students will receive a special ticket or bracelet to wear at the event.

          -K-5 teachers, please place advertisement in your store. (in your mailbox)