The Southern Blue Fin Tuna

The most expensive fish is critically endarnged

SHOCKING: The Story of the Bluefin

The Most Endangered Tuna In The World

Hello. this is my flyer on the southern blue fin tuna and information about the state of popularity that they are in.

The Species

The southern blue fin tuna is a very Hydrodynamic fish. It is shaped like a torpedo and is one of the fasted fish in the ocean. It is one of the largest pretors in the sea. This tuna can get up to 4m in length and weight up to 750kg. Its warm blooded boney fish. It can swim up to 90km per hour. They migrate thousands of miles. it feeds on small fish like anchovies and mackerel.


These fish are located all around the world because they are always migrating to get to the best areas for food. As seen in this map nearly the whole of the mediterranean sea has blue fin tuna and this place is a very popular tuna fishing area. These fish are stored in cages and they get fattened up buy other fish around the world and is making these fish also get endangered. They use 25kg of fish to make the blue fin tuna weigh 1kg more.


The reason the fish are endangered is because of us. Over fishing has been a problem since the first rod and reel because some fish are bigger more tradition and just taste better. the reason the southern blue fin tuna is endangered is because of all of these reason the are a traditional part of sushi in japan and is spending the most money on the tuna. The tuna is farmed in big nets that cover very little width but goes right down the the ocean floor. When the try and catch more of these tuna i trip can catch up to 4 tons of blue shark and 1 ton of sword fish also in that catch can be dolphins, turtles, and just any fish in general. Once the have caught more fish they put them in a big net and fatten them. For every 1kg the tuna is fattened up the tuna must eat 25kg of fish and this has made fish like mackerel get endangered to.