Halloween brings people together...

by: Ellie Timmerman, Alana Gratton, Patrick Boyle

Different ways Halloween brings people together

Our conjectures...

Patrick believes that trick or treating brings people together.

Ellie and Alana believe that costumes bring people together.

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How Trick or Treating brings people together?

Many people have different traditions on Halloween. One of them is dressing up and going Trick or Treating. Trick or Treating brings people together because they can spend time with there friends and family and after words they trade candy together.
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How costumes bring people together?

Halloween costumes brings people together because kids like to dress up in costumes with friends and and can enjoy seeing all the fun,funny,creative costumes. Also kids enjoy acting out their costumes. Some schools have a Halloween dance after school where the children get to wear their costumes and have a contest for the best costumes.
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