Meat & Potatoes

January 11th - January 15th

Up & Coming Events

Tuesday - Leadership Council

Wednesday - College Day

Wednesday - AVID Prep Visit

Welcome to the OW Family!

Stacey Dunbar has joined the Oakwood Family and will be working at both AMCMS & Oakwood pulling small reading groups. Please be sure to introduce yourself to Stacey as you see her around campus. We are very excited to have her with us.

Student Teachers

We are very fortunate this semester to have a number of student teachers on campus. Please help to make them feel welcome by introducing yourselves when possible. We all student taught once upon a time and remember the nerves that can come with the first few weeks.

Higher Education

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PRIDE Awards

Wednesday, January 20

  • Falcons
  • Bulldogs
  • Wolverines
  • Panthers

Friday, January 22

  • Owls
  • Tigers
  • Eagles
  • Ducks

Rocco's Corner

Happy New Year everyone! After my first semester here, I spent the break reflecting on how fortunate I am to be @ OW and to have my family here in College Station.

We have a magnificent staff here and are all well prepared for anything that comes our way, even blocked primary routes in fire drill evacuations. Our last drill in December was flawless.

Great thing to Share

I saw a fantastic seating arrangement that I have never seen before, this week in Ms. Gallagher's class. It is variation on the Horseshoe theme that manipulates the space beautifully, giving all a clear view of the front and the chance to be seated in small or partner groups at the same time. This set up also divides students effectively and makes it very difficult to hide off-task or poor behaviors. In it I saw students authentically engaged in the Socratic Method of whole group inquiry and discussion. Great planning and execution!


Check out this great video that the district created for AVID.

Demonstration Dates:

Jan 13 Prep visit with Pamela

Feb 16 Mock Validation visit (dress rehearsal)

Mar 10 Validation Day (Not confirmed yet by Validation team. Mar 8 is our backup date)

**There is a folder in the Teacher Scratch Drive named AVID Success Class. It is full of AVID resources for teachers.

Enrollment Numbers

OW = 940

CG = 993

AMCMS = 882

CSMS = 944

Intermediate Total = 1,933

MS Total = 1,826


Lauren Williams - January 11th

Duty Assignments

All duty assignments have been updated and posted in the Admin Folder within the OWTIF. Be sure to know your duty station and to be on time at 7:45! Click here for the AM/PM Duty Roster and here for the Lunch Duty Roster.