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The Lure and Meaning of Emerald Engagement Rings

If your ring is going to be different, don't just let it be strange, let it mean something. You have to choose a ring that actually says something without saying anything. You should be able to get down on one knee, open that box, and see her nodding her head before you even get the words out. Her quick reply won't be because she's in love with the jewelry, but because she's in love with a person who knows her enough to get a ring that is absolutely perfect.

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You can't send that message any better than you can with the enviable green majesty of an emerald engagement ring. Known for being the sacred stone of the Greek goddess Venus, emeralds have also been long associated with bringing reason and wisdom to those who wear it.

Beautiful by itself or accented by diamonds, an emerald will complement any skin tone. It does look especially nice though, against caramel skin or for anyone with olive colored undertones. Extremely refractive, emeralds will shine in any light, and it's guaranteed to be a beauty she'll be proud to show off to her friends. The only difference between an emerald and an aquamarine is that the emerald has less air bubbles in the stone itself, which produces the much darker green color.

You can find emerald engagement rings at almost any of your local jewelers. If you are hunting for something more than extraordinary, you may need to go online or search in your phone book for jewelers that do custom emerald engagement rings. That way, you can choose every facet of the most important ring she'll ever wear.

At Israel Diamonds, you can design your own emerald engagement ring right online. They have selections for bands, settings, metal, and type of gemstone. You can select the color, cut, and clarity of the stone as well. Good luck in your search for the emerald that matches her eyes.

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